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Our story and cast is built around two extraordinary stage actors, Delphine Lanza and Dorian Rossel. Both are widely respected in French and Swiss theatre and our film represents a new challenge for them - their first joint leading roles in a feature film. Alongside them we have a wonderful young British actor, Sam Green.

Beyond our leads, we’ve made use of the fine acting talent who live around Geneva - many of whom have worked with David, Dorian and Delphine before. Apart from Sam Green, our whole cast will represent some of the best talent in Western Switzerland.

Delphine Lanza
Delphine has played a wide variety of roles over the last decade, both on stage and on screen, winning the major Swiss film acting prize in 2000, ‘Prix d’Interpretation Feminine du Cinema Suisse’, for her performance in ‘Attention aux Chiens’. During that time she has often worked with Dorian, most recently, in their production of ‘L’Usage du Monde’ at Theatre de Comédie, Geneva. Having spent the last few years focused on creating a formidable reputation in theatre, The Tale Of Our Little Deaths is Delphine’s return to the Silver Screen in a lead role.

After shooting our film, Delphine performed ‘A Distant Quarter’ at the acclaimed Thétre de la Ville, Paris, again with Dorian. Ah yes, Dorian and Delphine are married, and we are very fortunate to have this wonderful couple at the heart of our project.

Dorian Rossel
Dorian is a vastly experienced actor in both theatre and film in Switzerland and France. He is also a regular actor, writer and director at the renowned, Lausanne-based Vidy Théâtre. On screen, he most recently starred in ‘Voltaire et l’affaire Calas’ in Switzerland. In theatre, he directed Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ in Geneva last year, more recently, Dorian directed a production of Nicholas Bouvier’s ‘L’Usage du Monde’. This production toured for several months, to great acclaim.

After shooting with us, Dorian direct ‘A Distant Quarter’ at the acclaimed Théâtre de la Ville, Paris. As with many other productions, this involved working with his wife, Delphine Lanza.

Sam Green
Sam Green is a talented young actor from London, England. He first worked with David in 2007, starring in his London-based short film, ‘SE One’ . This is Sam’s debut feature film and we are thrilled to have him with us.

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